At the origin of DOMODEP in 2008, we had noticed that the technical equipment dedicated to the handicap was very little present, stigmatizing and very complicated.

Our first step was to design home automation products that were technically easy to install.

Very quickly we wanted to offer non-stigmatizing equipment such as the possibility of controlling one's smartphone and home automation, thinking particularly of people with severe disabilities, who unfortunately are often left out. This was the release of the Housemate Control.

With the success of Housemate Control, we have continued to develop or search for efficient and high value solutions that have allowed us to build an online store that allows everyone to find solutions and have the information they are looking for.

Thanks to our experience and our relationships with therapists, occupational therapists and the best suppliers, our range has been enriched, allowing us to offer solutions in line with the demand and responding to technical developments.

Today we have an important range of products and a great expertise to accompany you in your search for solutions.

At DOMODEP we study each product of the range so that they meet our specifications, we test them all in order to evaluate their effectiveness and their solidity.

Selling products online does not take us away from our customers. Our long experience in the field is always one of DOMODEP's actions. We always intervene at home or in an institution in order to study and present the most adapted solutions. We also set up the possibility of remote presentation as well as remote training for certain products, thus allowing more flexibility.

We are always listening to our customers, both private and professional, and we are always looking for the best and most adapted solutions to allow the inclusion of people with disabilities.